Spring 2024 Market Report

Spring is in Full Swing

At Shawn Stuben Naples Properties, we’re keenly observing the following market adjustments to offer our clients the most accurate and beneficial guidance. The current landscape presents a unique opportunity for both buyers and sellers to capitalize on the increased inventory and the trend toward more competitive pricing.

Our insights from the February 2024 Naples Area Board of REALTORS® (NABOR®) Market Report reveal a market ripe for strategic decisions, where understanding and adapting to the latest trends can lead to successful real estate ventures in Naples. Let us navigate you through these changes, ensuring your next move is informed, strategic, and perfectly timed to take advantage of the current market conditions.

Don’t Let that Price Increase Fool You!

February witnessed a 5% increase in Median Closed Prices, but it also saw a discernible increase in inventory, with new listings up 24.6% from the previous year, and 2,264 price decreases (not shown below), emphasizing the importance of accurately priced properties to capture the attention of discerning buyers. This period of adjustment reflects a market moving away from the high-demand frenzy of pandemic pricing to a more realistic market.


What Does All of this Mean for You?

For buyers, the current increase in inventory of Naples real estate market offers an advantageous landscape. This environment not only provides a wider selection of properties but also places buyers in a stronger position to negotiate, thanks to sellers adjusting to market demands.

Sellers, on the other hand, stand to benefit from understanding and adapting to these changes, as accurately priced homes are more likely to attract serious buyers and expedite sales. Shawn Stuben Naples Properties emphasizes that both buyers and sellers can leverage these market conditions for successful real estate transactions, with the right guidance and strategy.

If you are considering buying or selling your home, look to Shawn Stuben Naples Properties. I have the ability to provide an accurate market comparison and give you expert advice on how to take advantage of today’s market conditions. I can ensure your next purchase or sale in the Naples area is a success. 

When it comes to navigating this complex real estate market, rest assured, you’re not alone. I am always here to help you make the most informed decision.

It’s time.

Shawn Stuben



With a broad network of local connections and over 19 years experience helping his friends and clients buy and sell Naples properties, Shawn takes a personal, concierge approach to your real estate needs. With expansive knowledge of the area, Shawn can make your search for residential, retail, marina, investment, and commercial properties a warm Naples breeze and your final move a seamless one.




Shawn Stuben offers the highest level of expertise in the Naples, FL real estate market. By tracking trends from the global down to a local market, Shawn ensures a sound buying/selling experience.

However, his services do not stop there. Shawn’s concierge offerings can connect you with vetted vendors of any kind, bringing ease to your move to Naples.


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